"I went to Lisa in a last ditch attempt to help alleviate symptoms of my severe PMS.

Lisa put me at ease and explained what she was doing.  After the first session, my sleep improved dramatically.  In general, I am feeling more relaxed, most markedly around the time my period is due.  I can't fathom how it works but my periods have now reduced from being 10 days long to six days in the four months I have been having regular sessions with Lisa at The Reflexology Lounge."

                                                        ANON, St Albans

"I have been seeing Lisa for treatment for a very irregular menstrual cycle after having 2 babies and being on and off contraceptives.  After 6 sessions I could definitely see a difference and a more normal length cycle starting to develop.  I plan to continue with treatment with an aim to regulate my cycle further.

Lisa is very friendly and easy to talk to about such issues.  I highly recommend her for treatment, particularly related to women's health.  Thank you Lisa!

Anon, St Albans

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A Client's Experience

"Lisa of The Reflexology Lounge is AMAZING.  I went to Lisa as I have suffered from migraines, caused by stress and hormones, for the last 18 years; they have got progressively worse and have been harder to treat.  I was sceptical, but willing to try anything before trying stronger medication.  I saw Lisa at least every other week over a course of 14 weeks.   Lisa puts you at ease and the treatments have helped me relax and I have been shown ways to help myself when I am experiencing a migraine 

My migraines have decreased in frequency and severity and my wellbeing is better in general.

I highly recommend Lisa to anyone who has migraines but also to anyone who needs help relaxing and in dealing with the stresses of life.  It is an hour of pure bliss." 

                                                          JS, St Albans

"I would highly recommend Lisa for clients of all ages.  My 3 year old daughter had been suffering with chronic constipation (withholding) for just over a year when I decided to try reflexology.  She was 3 years and 1 month at the time and had never reliably slept through the night - generally linked to the constipation.  Lisa instantly built up a rapport with her and we started visiting weekly.  Often after our session my daughter would do a poo, she was happy and relaxed and after a couple of weeks, she started sleeping through the night!  After about 7 sessions, she started voluntarily using the toilet!  This was a massive milestone for us and has benefitted the whole family! 

I have no doubt that my daughter's progress is due to her treatments.  She loves Lisa and asks to go and see her most days!

Sincerely, Amy's mum

Lisa Hickson (PRM, ARR)

Clinical Reflexologist

The Reflexology Lounge

10 Meadow Close

St Albans


Email:    lisa@thereflexologylounge.com

Mobile:  07887 716183

"After many years of suffering from sciatica and finding myself in a position of not beingable to undertake regular exercise, I turned to Lisa and reflexology to try to alleviate the symptoms that were troubling me daily.

Adopting an open minded approach to an alternative treatment, and not really knowing what to expect, I was very surprised how quick the calming effects of Lisa's sessions began to have an impact on reducing my overall level of discomfort.  (I had 6 sessions in all).

For a complaint like sciatica, where perhaps traditional solutions haven't been so successful, I would thoroughly recommend a visit to Lisa for real lasting help."

                                                J Hough, St Albans