Reflexology fine tunes the body to relieve stress and tension, it releases chemicals in the form of hormones and endorphins, improves nerve and blood supply and stimulates lymph to move around the body.  This all helps the body to achieve homeostasis which is the body's ultimate good health goal.

The benefits of the treatment are that you completely relax, allowing sleeping patterns to improve, improved elimination and for thought processes to be sharper. 

Ultimately reflexology encourages the self healing process.

Relax in my modern and relaxing treatment room.  A haven of relaxation, giving you the space to reflect and repair.

About Me

Lisa believes it is vital to keep up to date with research and develops her practice by attending continuing professional development courses which enables her to maintain and improve her skills as a reflexologist.  Lisa has attended a course dedicated exclusively to women's health, run by Hagar Basis.  Hagar is an expert tutor in the field of reflexology with over 25 years of practical experience as an educator and practitioner.  Reflexology for Women's Health equips Lisa with tools and techniques to apply during the powerful and transforming process unique in all stages of a woman's life, supporting the hormonal changes associated with menstruation, pregnancy and the menopause. 

Lisa also undertook training by Barbara Scott to become 'Seren trained' in the field of 'Reproflexology'.  This is essentially reflexology to support natural and assisted fertility for couples.  There are many reasons a couple may struggle to conceive and Reproflexology is used to safely treat during each form of fertility treatment whether that is taking Clomid for ovulation, having  IVF, IUI or ICSI.  Reproflexology may also help with gynaecological issues which affect fertility such as PCOS, endometriosis, irregular cycles, progesterone deficiency (etc.) and for 'unexplained fertility' in women.  Reproflexology can also be used to improve conditions which are problematic to men in conceiving such as low sperm count, hydrocele's, varicocele's, elevated prolactin... again, this is not an exhaustive list!

Lisa has attended a unique training course 'Reflexotherapy of the Feet' run by Hanne Marquadt.  Hanne, a former nurse and now a reflexology educator, studied with  Eunice Ingham - a key figure in reflexology and known as 'The Mother of Reflexology'.  Reflexotherapy is Hanne Marquadt's refined and developed method of reflexology. 

Lisa has attended Orthopedic Reflexology training with Spiros Dimitrakoulas teaching practical reflexology based on the teachings of Hippocrates.  Essentially this is in-depth training of the structure of the foot to effectively treat mechanical foot problems such as plantar fasciitis, and tendonitis, which in turn may help disorders in other parts of the body. 

In March of 2018, Lisa battled through the snow to attend The UK Reflexology Conference in Derbyshire organised by Sue Ricks.  The conference gathered together experienced reflexologists to listen to some inspirational speakers who are pioneers in their field.  Speakers included Lynn Booth and her VRT techniques.  Lynn is part of the physio team at Bristol City Football club and these skills are interchangeable to help older clients in care homes, for example, become more mobile.  Sue Ricks spoke passionately about working with babies and children, Sally Kay gave a science based talk on reducing lymphedema using her reflexology lymph drainage techniques, Lorraine Senior talking about Functional Reflex Therapy, Dr Carol Samuel (PhD) talking about supporting clients in pain, Mauricio Kruchnik with a presentation on Crohn's Disease, Judith Whatley talking about the many research projects occurring at Cardiff Met where she lectures in complementary healthcare and many many more inspiring presenters.

Lisa has qualified in the specialist field of Reflexology Lymph Drainage (RLD).  RLD is an award winning unique technique aiming to stimulate the lymphatic reflexes on the feet.  RLD can be used to support clients with lymphodema or swelling in the limbs due to the failure of lymph to drain.  Swollen limbs can exacerbate a person's psychological or emotional difficulties associated with surviving cancer for example, and RLD aims to give clients a better quality of life.  Lymphatic drainage massage is used to treat many conditions and RLD may be used in this way for arthritis, asthma, eczema, chronic fatigue, ME, migraines, aches and pains and PMS to name a few.

All of this training means that Lisa can deal with every client as an individual using the appropriate techniques as and when required.

Level 5 Centralia Reflexology Mastership - Reflexology training at The Reflexology Academy, London

Post Graduate 3 day seminar with Tony Porter - February 2016

Orthopedic Reflexology with Spiros Dimitrakoulas - March 2016

Women's Health with Hagar Basis - October 2016

Seren Trained - Part 1 - Reproflexology (Reproductive Reflexology for fertility)

with Barbara Scott - October 2016

Seren Trained - Part 2 - Reproflexology (Reproductive Reflexology for fertility)

with Barbara Scott - April 2017

Reflexotherapy with Hanne Marquadt - December 2016

Attended The Reflexology Conference 2018 lead by Sue Ricks

Functional Reflex Therapy - Trained in delivering the FRT Rainbow Routine 2018 

Reflexology Lymph Drainage qualified therapist 2019 - trained by Sally Kay in RLD

Mindful Reflexology - online training with Sally Earlam - techniques to support clients with stress, anxiety and depression

Diploma in Indian Head Massage

Diploma in Thai Foot Massage


How can reflexology help me?

Lisa is a fully insured, qualified clinical reflexologist.  Lisa qualified at The Reflexology Academy, with a Level 5 Reflexology Mastership, the highest grade of professional reflexology training offered in the UK.  Lisa is a member of Professional Reflexology.  PRM is a mark of the highest standards of training, ethics and reflexology achievable by a UK reflexologist.